Kalona, Iowa is home to the Kalona Historical Society. Established in 1969, the society serves to promote the history and culture of the area. Their original plan was to acquire land for the historic depot from the Rock Island Railroad site. So, the depot moved to its current site in 1970. Since then, an entire historical village and museum surrounds the depot and provides exhibits and events.

Keeping Kalona, Iowa, History Alive

For 2021, the Kalona Historial Society Summer Camp—”Keeping History Alive”— has sessions for students that have completed grades K-5. Building on the school curriculum and state socials studies standards, the camp allows for a hands-on experience. Incorporating music, dance, cooking, crafts, and period costumes, students have the opportunity to learn about local history and the recent past.

Regular Schedule

In addition to Summer Camp, regularly schedule events include countryside tours and village school tours. And, you can find out more about these events, get involved, or learn about becoming a member by checking out the Kalona Historical Society website.

Living in Kalona

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